Nutritional Therapy

A Nutritional Therapy consultation with me will last 90 minutes.  During the consultation I will gather a full health and life case history so that I can create a personalised plan that suits your requirements.  In some cases I may suggest further laboratory testing.

Your consultation will focus on identifying any clinical imbalances to help you address key areas you need support with.

Prior to your appointment I will ask you to keep a food diary which you will need to bring with you to the consultation.  Please also bring with you any previous medical tests and details of your prescription medication and/or natural supplements.

I will then suggest a nutritional plan, lifestyle changes, natural supplements or psychotherapeutic techniques depending on your individual needs.

During your appointment we will discuss with you how many times I anticipate I will need to see you.  I would usually want to follow up with you after one month to check how you are doing. A 3-month check up is then often advised. You should, by then, be aware of what foods work for you and how to put together your diet to help you feel your very best.

I aim to look after my clients in as few consultations as possible. On average, a client usually requires three consultations over a two to three month period to achieve optimal results from a nutritional programme.

A follow-up consultation will last 60 minutes.