Healing with Food

Does nutritional therapy work and can you heal your body with food?

That’s a million dollar question.  Let me start with my own story.

Imagine being told at the age of 24 that your bones are thinning and you are heading for osteoporosis.  I was overweight, I had begun to experience hair-loss and was always tired!   A part of me had given into the fact that this was normal and it was my genes that were bad and that there was little I could do about it.  In my school days I was unfit and I dreaded PE classes because I was always the last one to finish the race – no one wanted me to be in their team because I was so slow.

From my late teens up until my early thirties I was continuously on the quest of being slim – not a size 0 or anything like that, but just not a massive apple and pear shaped body on a petite individual.  I followed the latest trends shown in magazines and papers – go low fat, go low calorie, eat more protein – I was not only confused but also disheartened as nothing brought me the results I wanted.  It was just misery.  It wasn’t as if I was lazy…….I wasn’t!  I exercised hard, even though I was the school weakling, I invested in a pair of trainers and a baggy t-shirt and leggings and signed up to the local gym .  I trained 3 or 4 times per week doing a variety of classes, like step aerobics but walking away from each class feeling the pain in my muscles and joints.  I felt battered but I persisted…….. until my back gave in and I was practically bed ridden.

Was it my genes – was my fate foreseen? 


There was so much conflicting information about what was healthy and what wasn’t that I was CONFUSED.  When the XRAY for my back came back my GP was worried – my bones looked thin and I was still a young gal.  I was referred to a Nutritionist who unfortunately did not understand my cultural background and gave me recommendations that I could not follow.  What sort of a future was I facing and why wasn’t anything working?

Then BANG!  In my mid thirties I found my answer!  I followed 10 simple steps which helped me get my health, fitness and vitality back into shape.   The change was effortless and fun.  It fit into my cultural and day to day lifestyle and supported both my physical and emotional well-being.

The principles involved eating the right food to heal my body and avoiding foods and drink that leached me.  What was interesting is that the information I learned allowed me to easily adapt what I ate to fit in with my cultural diet – and that was the key to ensuring and maintaining my new eating habits.

I since trained as a Nutritional Therapist with a leading institute in London.  I have been working at my private practice in London helping people achieve their wellness goals using Nutritional Therapy.

I now have a very active lifestyle and I exercise regularly.  I enjoy pushing my physical boundaries, but I no longer suffer from debilitating pain after my workout.

Fad diets, oh no!

Everyone is unique and we all respond to different foods based on our genetic and geographic predispositions.  There is no “one diet” that is the elixir to health.  Over the next 30 days I will unfold the true story of the effects of food on your body and how the right foods can help you achieve wellness and vitality.   So please stay tuned in and if you have any questions please comment below.

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