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How fat helped me

Today I want to talk about fats and how they helped me in my journey to wellness. Fats are one of the food groups. One that I had probably almost eliminated from my diet when I was younger. I was … Continue reading »

Eat More Plant Foods

I thought I was eating well.  I ate low fat, low salt and sugar free.  I was (and still follow a vegetarian) diet, but my knowledge and understanding of what vegetables can do for my health was simply meager!   Well … Continue reading »

Improve your Energy with Pranayama

Breathe………to improve your health and energy How crazy is it that I am talking to you about breathing.  It’s a simple act and something your body is designed to do automatically.  However, somewhere along the line we have we seem … Continue reading »

How Dehydration Made Me Sick

“Why is this No 1 in your series?” I hear you cry. Well according to the Natural Hydration Council, a survey of 300 GPs conducted in May 2015 revealed that: One fifth of GP visits down to tiredness and fatigue Dehydration … Continue reading »

Healing with Food

Does nutritional therapy work and can you heal your body with food? That’s a million dollar question.  Let me start with my own story. Imagine being told at the age of 24 that your bones are thinning and you are … Continue reading »

What Should I Eat?

So I thought I would pre-empt the question and share with you some tips I use when choosing what eat. Firstly, let me tell you I am a big foodie.  Coming from an Indian background, I absolutely love experimenting with … Continue reading »